Rabbi Enkin’s Sefarim

Each volume in the highly acclaimed “Dalet Amot of Halacha” Series covers more than 100 fascinating contemporary halachic issues. Every chapter is carefully compiled from the insights and rulings of a wide range of halachic authorities and responsa. The extensive amount of information packed into every chapter is meticulously woven together to present each issue in a very unique and well-rounded manner. You’re sure to enjoy these sefarim! They’ve been called “an experience and education like no other!”

Each volume is only $29 which includes shipping via registered mail. Click on the cover of each volume to learn what’s inside!

Praise for Rabbi Enkin’s Work

Below is a sampling of what world-renowned rabbis have said about Rabbi Enkin’s sefarim.

“I recommend that everyone buy all of Rabbi Enkin’s sefarim to gain from his knowledge in all areas of halacha and minhag!” Rav Chaim Malinowitz

Noted Posek and Senior Editor of the Artscroll Schottenstein Talmud

“R’ Ari focuses on topics of interest for the serious halachic Jew and presents his well-researched material in a clear, lucid manner. I found many valuable ideas and sources…and I am sure that other readers will find similar value.” Rav Ezra Schwartz

Rosh Yeshiva, YU (RIETS)

“This is an important and much needed sefer for our generation. It deals with many of today’s pressing halachic issues in a very interesting and appealing manner with both depth and clarity. It is of value to scholars and laymen alike” Rav Shlomo Aviner

Noted Posek and Rosh Yeshiva

“I was amazed by the way Rabbi Enkin manages to explain halacha in such a clear and easy to understand manner. He has broken new ground in making the study of practical halacha accessible to all” Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz

Av Beit Din, Chicago Rabbinical Council and Beit Din of America

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