Halichot V’halachot: Halachic Insights and Responsa (Vol. 8)


Volume 7 – Eilu V’Eilu: Halachic Insights and Responsa


Product Description

Highlights of Halichot V’halachot include:

  • Using Disposable Dishes and Plasticware on Shabbat
  • Household Appliances and Avsha Milta
  • Holidays
  • Yom Tov Candles: Women and Shehecheyanu
  • The Fast of Esther
  • Hats and Jackets
  • Praying While Intoxicated
  • Weddings: In the Synagogue?
  • Synagogue Construction: Symbolism and Meaning
  • Toothpaste and Mouthwash
  • Gelatin
  • Inviting Deceased Relatives to a Wedding
  • Inducing Labor
  • A Husband’s Role at Childbirth
  • A Brit: No Invitations, Please
  • Car Accidents 280
  • Bad Advice: Money Changers and Other Professionals
  • A Doctor’s Liability
  • The Book of Ben Sira
  • Sterilizing Animals
  • Interlocking One’s Fingers
  • Kavod Habriot: Human Dignity
  • The Fast for Dropping a Torah
  • Cannibalism
  • Yartzeit: Serving a Tikkun
  • Flowers on Coffins and Graves


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